Saltdean Oval Park to close soon for refurbishments!

 December 9 2016:

Juice 107: Saltdean Oval is due to close in mid-December and open at the end of January. The upgrade will involve extensive work and many items of new equipment. These include a carousel swing, roundabout, a climbing frame, post office and shop play panels, bongos and xylophone play panels, swings and a Rota-Roka spinning dish

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The story so far……

September 4th 2016:

Windfall for Saltdean

£170, 000 has unexpectedly been made available by Brighton & Hove Council for community facilities in Saltdean, but it has to be spent by January 2017. With only a few months to decide on how best to use this money some urgent meetings have been taking place and the results are soon to be made public.

As soon as this happens we will be reporting the Council’s decision on The Saltdean Zone.

Where has the money come from?

In 2007 when the Council granted planning permission to Explore Living to redevelop the Butlin’s Ocean Hotel site in Saltdean, the company was required , under a Section 106 legal agreement, to pay to the Council £335,000 as compensation to the local community for disruption caused by the development. This money was set aside by the Council for ‘Leisure and Open Space’ in Saltdean.

Why did the money go to the Lido?

When the Saltdean Lido Community Interest Company (SLCIC) was successful in its bid to renovate the Lido the Council made a decision to grant the SLCIC all of the £335,000.

The success of the Lido project has always depended on the SLCIC obtaining funding. The Council considered that ring fencing this money for the Lido project would help the SLCIC in their bid to get matched funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

At the time many Saltdean residents were upset and confused by this decision – they had been keen to see the money used to develop open spaces, especially Oval Park, for the community – ‘ for the benefit of all residents and all ages’ (Councillor Jeane Lepper)

Race against time

One of the requirements of the grant was that the money had to be spent by January 2017. If it wasn’t, then the funds would be returned to the developer.

It emerged earlier this year that the SLCIC was not going to be able to spend the full amount of the money under the terms of the grant, so they agreed with the Council that £170,000 would be released back into the community. Because of the short time frame the Council are very keen to have the money allocated and used as soon as possible.

Community involvement

Once they knew about the availability of the fund, local groups and individuals started discussing the possibilities and making proposals to the Council on how they felt the money should be spent. The Saltdean Residents’ Association held a public meeting to unveil their plans: other groups, such as the Bowls and Tennis Clubs contacted the Council directly, and local charity PARC  has also been involved.

The Saltdean Zone have spoken to these groups and some of the other people who have made proposals, including Saltdean United Football Club and Neighbourhood Watch.

Oval Park

Debra May, Council Planning Officer, told The Saltdean Zone she has received an extensive list of proposals but it has been decided the money should be earmarked entirely for ‘sports, recreation and children’s play in Oval Park’.

The options have been further narrowed down so that only external proposals are now being considered; such as improved football facilities, improved lighting, a multi-sports area, an external gym and improved security measures.

Whatever the final decision, it is very welcome news for the Saltdean community that the Oval Park is about to finally benefit from the Section 106 fund. To find out more:

Watch this (open) Space!

Watch the 2013 BHCC committee meeting here:


28th September 2016:

News on £170,000 Section 106 money 28/09/2016

We have just received the news on how the Section 106 money is to be spent on improvements to Saltdean Oval Park. Here is the list:

.         New benches

·         Improvements to the play area

·         New lights to the multi-use games area

·         New junior football goal posts

·         Picnic benches for play area

·         Additional lights on the main path

·         Barrier improvements at southern end of park

·         New ‘talking/burpy’ bins

·         Outdoor gym equipment



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