Stealing from Charity! Thieves grab donations from Saltdean, Brighton shop

A Saltdean Zone (TSZ) exclusive!

The House Project Charity Shop in Saltdean contacted TSZ today after their new CCTV cameras captured two incidents of theft outside their outlet on Longridge Avenue.

The staff at the House Project were upset and shocked to view CCTV footage captured on the night of Friday 3rd of March which appears to show two women and one man at different times clearly removing and rummaging through bags filled with donations left by the public for the shop.

Staff at the award-winning House Project shop told us that the police have been informed of the incidents. They then allowed us access to video the footage they have. The shop informed us that donations are often left outside by the public overnight. They told us that, though not ideal, they understand that some people might not be have the time to bring things to the shop in its opening hours of 10am to 4pm.

In the first section of footage, timed at 21:04, two women in light coloured casual clothing appear to swoop in and make off with five bags of items.

In the second section of footage, timed at 23:39, a man in a white cap appears to at first just walk casually by, then after someone else passes he waits out of shot, then when the coast is clear he shuffles back into frame. He takes two bags off to possibly his vehicle waiting then returns to give two others left a kick or two to check their contents. He then has a good rummage in the third one left, but obviously decides that it contains nothing of interest for him.

If you think you recognise anyone in this video please contact the police by calling 101 and by all means reference our video.


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