SOS Brighton & Hove: Parent group opposing government cuts affecting our local schools

UPDATE 21/03/2017: SOS Launch Party is on 30-31 March at Bhasvic College

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Save Our Schools:  Hello and welcome to Save Our Schools UK

We’re a parent-led group, based in Brighton and Hove, who are appalled by the latest government move to slash funding for our schools.

This latest blow comes after year upon year of narrowing the school curriculum; raising the bar so high on primary SATs tests that 47% of 10-11 year olds were told they had ‘failed’ last summer; privatization of our schools through the back door; and a barrage of other ill-thought out political vanity projects, all of which are stressing our state schools to breaking point.

Brighton and Hove schools face a £11.5 million cut in funding by 2020.

Any parent involved in schools, from those asked to fork out ever more for school trips and art materials, to volunteers who are increasing their hours because teaching assistants are leaving and are not being replaced, to PTAs who now raise funds for crucial school books rather than ‘nice-to-haves’, can already see the effect cuts in funding are having, no matter what the government claims to the contrary.

We believe every child has the right to the very best education our country can offer. And we’re not prepared to stand by as the government consigns our state schools to death by 1,000 cuts, while maintaining that education is as well-funded as ever and while ring-fencing £500 million for new free/grammar schools.

We all remember those pies that get cut up into halves, quarters, fifths, eighths, to teach children about division, fractions and sharing. Theresa May, Justine Greening and Philip Hammond need an elementary lesson, not just in maths, but in pie-making, too. The education pie they’ve announced simply isn’t big enough. No matter how fairly they say it’s being sliced up, the slices are too small to serve our children the precious education they need and deserve.

Heads and teachers have been protesting these cuts, and all the other damaging changes to our children’s education, for a long time, but have been beaten down time and again by a never-ending stream of education policy changes, new demands and U-turns.

Now it’s our turn to support our children, our schools, our teachers and our head teachers – we’re uniquely positioned as a powerful group of people who all care about the same thing – the best education possible for our children.

As parents, we hold our children’s future in our hands and it’s time we made sure the government takes our concerns seriously. Our kids only have one shot at a good education. We are not going to stand by and let them become the lost generation because of years of austerity cuts and misguided education policy.

Come on, get involved!

Save the date! We are launching on 30 March 2017, 6-8.30pm, venue to be confirmed. Keep an eye on this page, and come along to our event.

Along with teachers and head teachers, we’ll be planning a mass, city-wide demonstration, with plenty of happening events involved, in the coming weeks – again, watch this space.

We’ll be posting up letters that you can send to local MPs and education government ministers Nick Gibb and Justine Greening, and we’ll be planning fun activities at local MPs surgeries too.

Head teachers will also be keeping you informed of their school’s position on the cuts and actions to take, so keep an eye out for their letters in your book bags.

We’d like to make sure we have at least one, and preferably more than one SOS parent rep in every school across Brighton and Hove, so do get in touch if you’d like parents from your school to be represented.

And most of all, we want the political establishment to listen and to make changes… We won’t stop making noise until we feel our kids are getting the education they deserve.

You can check out how much your child’s school is going to lose over the next two years by going to

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