Rare picture of Saltdean Lido Boating Pool

Saltdean Lido Boating pool

A rare picture of the Saltdean Lido featuring the ‘boating pool’ located mid left in picture where Saltdean Park Road is now.  Pre-Butlins, The Ocean Hotel is sitting top centre.
The images are both the same Photochrom card, but the first one is  ‘colourized’.  The second is the original. We think this scene of Saltdean is from the late 1930s / early 1940s, If anyone knows the make and model of the cars parked on Marine Drive that might help us date this more precisely.  Thank you G & W Kerr for these rare and wonderful images.

boating pool saltdean lido kerr photochrom- colourized

boating pool saltdean lido kerr photochrom- 2 sepia

boating pool saltdean lido kerr photochrom Big

Wikipedia: Photochrom

Wikipedia: Hand colouring photographs



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