PhotoSZone Picture Gallery #01

A collection of photographs taken by, or sent to, The Saltdean Zone.

A big Thank You to everybody who has sent us photos of our area.

We always welcome images of Saltdean, Rottingdean, Peacehaven, Telscombe, Ovingdean and Woodingdean – so please keep them coming!

Along with our own snaps we will be featuring some of your wonderful pictures here in our PhotoSZone galleries.

Saltdean Lido - pics 0001 -The Saltdean Lido as seen from the top deck of the number 27 bus – December 2016

paul Gillam march 2016 great evening sunset PHOTO copy

 A great evening sunset by Paul Gillam – March 2016

Tug jan 2017 2000A tugboat tugging some heavy-duty structure past Rottingdean to Brighton Marina – January 2017

skull tomb stone st margrets church 2000‘Here lieth the Body of John Norris April 29 1784, aged 59.’ A curious tombstone in the churchyard of  St.Margaret’s in Rottingdean.  What Does a Skull and Cross Bones Mean on a Grave? – November 2016

Karen Clark Brighton Blue aug 2016 field copy

 Brighton Blue by Karen Clark – August 2016

Sunset Jan 2017 2000A wispy sunset over Saltdean – January 2017

Hillside back 2000 jjjThe rolling hills of The South Downs seen from a Saltdean viewpoint – September 2016

mike and ben feb 2016 grand ocean copy B
 From our flat in Grand Ocean by Mike & Ben – February 2016 
cat path - bag 2000

Bagpuss in Saltdean – June 2016

sept 2016 Marine View 3 2000

Marine View as evening closes in – September 2016

How to send us your photos

Most people send their pictures to our Saltdean Zone Facebook Page, where you can message them to us, or share as a post. Please be mindful that we may not share some images due to quality, or content – or if the same subject matter has been repeated in a short space of time.

How the images are used

The Saltdean Zone (TSZ) always reserves the right to share any images sent to the TSZ website and social media. All images will be fully attributed to the original photographer/provider, known or perceived.

No permission is given by TSZ for any image published on TSZ website or social media (whether it is one of ours or one which has been sent to us) to be used for any third party advertising or other usage without the consent of the known or perceived photographer/provider of the image.

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