Missing cat: Telscombe Cliffs 02/04/2017

Gretel Marshall has contacted us here at TSZ asking us to post up about her missing cat Rocco.

Lost Cats BrightonI have lost my cat and was hoping you could place his details on your website please. His name is Rocco, he is black/brown, long haired, neutered and microchipped. He’s been missing from our home on the Coast Road in Telscombe Cliffs since 8th March and has been going missing on and off since last summer but a lady recently took him to a vet to check for a chip and I got him back. I’ve checked with this lady as she had been letting him in and feeding him but she hasn’t seen him on this occasion that he’s been missing for. He is 4 years old and is missing most of his top front teeth.

Please help us to reunite Rocco by checking gardens, sheds, garages, basements etc and if you do see him, Please call us on 01273 422721, Thank You.


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