Missing cat: Saltdean 30/03/2017

Lost Cats Brighton:  We received the following details from Gus’s worried owners.

We would be grateful if you could post details of our much loved Gus, who has been missing since 7.00am on Friday 24th March. We live in Chichester Drive West, Saltdean. Gus is a neutered 18 month old small grey and white tabby. He is very nosy and a great hunter. We have had issues with him going into neighbours’ properties but he has always previously come home for his dinner. We have widely leafleted locally with no success, and reported him as missing to all local vets. Gus is microchipped.

Please help us to reunite Gus by checking gardens, sheds, garages, basements etc and if you do see him, Please call us straight away on 01273 422721, Thank You

** LOST ** Chichester Drive West, Saltdean **** PLEASE SHARE **** MISSING 24 Mar 2017We received the following…

Posted by Lost Cats Brighton on Mittwoch, 29. März 2017

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