Dog Warning: A year on and is the palm oil back on our beaches?

02/04/2017: Thank you Anita Meyer for sending us this photo of what looks like palm oil which has been washed up on Saltdean Beach.

Palm oil can be very dangerous to dogs if they ingest it. Please inform anyone you know who walks their dog along our beaches. Please note it is yet to be confirmed exactly what this waxy substance is but we do suggest it is best being cautious anyway.

A year ago nearly to the day…

April 2016:  Clumps of a substance, which looks like psalm oil, has been washed up on Saltdean Beach today. Please be careful as this waxy looking solidified oil can be fatal to dogs if they ingest it. Please notify any dog owner you know who uses our beaches along our stretch of coastline. Thank you

Facebook photo album 05/04/2016

From April 2016: Thank you ITV Meridian Tonight for featuring The Saltdean Zone’s pictures of the ‘waxy substance’ littering Saltdean Beach

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