Coombe Farm Saltdean: Planning application status and petition UPDATE

Coombe Farm development: UPDATE 11/04/2017

The following application amendments are proposed:

• A reduction from 67 to 60 dwellings (a density reduction from 17 to 16 dwellings per hectare); • A reduction from 161 to 100 parking spaces (as agreed with the Highways Authority);

• An increase in proposed cycle parking from 91 to 140 spaces; • Development is no longer proposed on the upper slope of Coombe Meadow;

• An ecology zone will be introduced in the northern corner of the site; • New buffer planting is now proposed along the northern boundary (new Hawthorn and Whitebeam trees);

• The set-back between dwellings proposed on the north-eastern boundary and the National Park has increased from 2.5 metres to 10 metres (measured at the narrowest gap).

You can leave your comments to the council here: 

There are also reports on air quality, transport, design and access, tap here >


There are also reports on air quality, transport, design and access.

June 2016: Proposed 64 new homes to be built on Coombe Farm in Saltdean. What do you think? How will this impact Saltdean and surrounding area? You can leave a comment here or click on the related link to our Facebook page, both at the foot of this article. Other relevant links you may be interested in are provided.

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Coombe Farm Westfield Avenue North Saltdean Brighton

Application number: BH2016/01903


Thank you Sarah Broadley- Karlsson for sending us this copy of the letter sent out in early July 2016



Thank you Callie Lister for this photo of the notice that has gone up around the Coombe Farm area on 1st July 2016

Saltdean Zone Photos of plans displayed 30/09/2015

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Below are images of proposed plans as displayed at an open meeting held at Coombe Farm 30/09/2015

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