Brighton Toy Museum, free touring exhibition: Could they share play memories with your community group?

It’s all play and no work sometimes at The Saltdean Zone! Recently we visited the Brighton Toy and Model Museum under the arches at Brighton Station to meet Andrea and Dan who have been working on the ‘Toys in the Community’ project. We wanted to see their exhibition and find out how The Saltdean Zone might be able to help bring their project to our community.

Toys in the Community

The exhibition is now ‘on the road’ travelling throughout the Brighton and Hove area.


The ‘Toys in the Community’ team are  looking for 

Groups and venues, like schools, care homes, and community organisations

To share their FREE exhibition and reminiscence sessions

The project, which ties in with the 25th anniversary of the Museum, includes interviews with 40 people of varying ages from the local community, including a number from ‘Blind Veterans’ in Ovingdean, who were asked about their childhood memories of toys and play.

03-action-man-green-ted-grand-ocean--logo-WEBReady Teddy Go! It’s a FREE travelling exhibition – You could book it!

The exhibition consists of 9 hanging banners with photos and extracts from the interviews; video and audio recordings; written accounts, and books for visitors to add their own memories. It comes with an organiser to set up the exhibition, talk about the aims and objectives, host discussions and answer any questions about the project.

08-terrifying-doll-beach-huts--logo-WEBInstant Replay: A Reminiscence Session

You can book a ‘Reminiscence session’ separately or in conjunction with the exhibition. The organiser will bring along a collection of popular toys from the Museum: like home-made dolls, Meccano, Lego, Action Man, Barbie, baby dolls, teddy bears, Trolls and action figures.

Please Touch the Toys!

These toys can be played with, helping to bring back memories of childhood and play which can be shared with other members of the session.

To book the exhibition or a reminiscence session

Phone:  01273 749494


Here are a few of the childhood memories included in the exhibition

“I have my brother’s only teddy bear. He’s called Tough Ted. When my brother was a teenager, he was a punk, and so was this bear. At one point he was sprayed gold and basically he matched whatever hair my brother had for a while”. Annabelle born 1973

“My friend at kindergarten, he had a nice Mercedes with opening doors. I had a fire brigade truck and a police car. And he wouldn’t exchange. I was offering two of them for what one of them cost because the doors was opening. But he wouldn’t accept”. Tomas born 1975 

“My mother had really struggled to pay for this pram, and this doll. And we used to go down to a shop every week, just to make sure that Father Christmas had actually got the message about the doll and the pram that I was wanting. And in actual fact, she was paying off a little bit each week”. Linda born 1948

“The Meccano set. That was marvellous. If you got one of them, you was made. They had different sizes, you had the screws, you had the pieces of tin, they were all colours, and they had holes in them”. William born 1920

Links & contact details

You can find out more about the ‘Toys in the Community’ project on their website, where you can add your own memories, or on their Facebook Page.

For information on other exhibits and events go to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum website.

Add a memory of your own in the Comments section below – we will pass it on to the ‘Toys in the Community’ team





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