About Us

The Saltdean Zone

One Year On and Counting

It all began a few years ago with a wedding, a cafe, and some rare photos from the 1930s. Fast forward to July 2015 when a chance meeting led to the creation of  The Saltdean Zone – and the rest, as they say, is history…

Taking a break

In the past year we’ve hardly stopped for breath – unless it’s to take some photos, admire the view, have an interesting chat, or publish some of our many posts and blogs.

Recipe for success

It started off as an experiment, and we have been learning and adapting as we go. We have been thrilled and amazed at the enthusiastic response from people to what we are doing – we like it – and so it seems do thousands of other people!

The Place to Go

The Saltdean Zone is sometimes quirky and humorous, sometimes serious, but always up to speed with the latest goings-on: from traffic news and lost cats, to extreme weather reports and local events. It is also packed with original articles, information and photos taken from our ever-growing historical archive.

Blogging along

Since our first blog (a period piece about Saltdean deckchairs) we have written and published over 60 more articles and videos on community issues – like ‘Bog Off!!’ highlighting the threatened closure of Saltdean’s public toilets – and on local history and memories – like ‘Stairway to Heaven at the Ocean Honeymoon Hotel’

Getting connected

As well as researching issues ourselves we work a lot with other people, often relying on them to let us know what is happening out there in the Zone. We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received not only from local community groups, local Councils, libraries and individuals but also from national organisations and businesses with a connection to our area.

Every picture tells a story

We are grateful for the willingness of residents, and other people who once lived and worked here, to share with us their photos, postcards, stories and memories. Their contributions to our archive means that we have a wealth of fascinating material waiting to be shared on The Saltdean Zone

Minding our own business

There are hundreds of small businesses in The Saltdean Zone – many of them owned and run by people who also live here – and we are keen to involve and support as many as possible. That is why we are encouraging them to promote their businesses on our website, by offering a range of advertising options to suit their budget.

Where are we?

If by any chance you are reading this and don’t know where we are, Saltdean is just a few miles to the east of Brighton on the south coast, surrounded by neighbouring Rottingdean, Telscombe, Peacehaven, Woodingdean and Ovingdean – all of which form The Saltdean Zone.

Saltdean snippet

Saltdean developed as a popular holiday destination during the late 1930s when the Undercliff Walk, Whitecliffs Cafe, Saltdean Lido and the Ocean Hotel were built; and in the post-war 1950s when Billy Butlin rescued and reopened the Hotel for a new generation of holidaymakers. More recently Saltdean has become an attractive place for people to move to from London and Brighton, for all the reasons you can read about on The Saltdean Zone!

Lighting the blue touch paper

The spark which ignited Darren and Laura’s passion for Saltdean was lit by Geoffrey Kerr – the original manager of the Whitecliffs Cafe – and his son William, when they happily shared their memories and large collection of rare Saltdean postcards and photos.

The Saltdean Zone then evolved out of a series of meetings with Denise and Bob – invariably involving tea and home made cakes – and so began our journey of discovery.

Background bio’ on the Team

We live and work in the area. With a background in the music industry, Darren has also worked as a carer and a window cleaner; occupations which have helped him to build up a wealth of local knowledge and to meet many interesting residents.

Denise originally worked in market and social research, then at the Urban Studies Centre in Brighton on local history and community publishing projects before setting up her own property management business.

We rely on volunteers as well. Laura works full time for a large animal welfare charity, but gives us invaluable help with the website in her spare time; and Bob joins in when he’s taking time off from fitting kitchens and bathrooms.

Getting involved

If you have anything you’d like to share with The Saltdean Zone, such as  photos, a story about your memories or to report an incident, please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page or on our Facebook page

A Final Note on Sharing

If you would like to use anything we post on The Saltdean Zone website or Facebook page you can share a post directly onto your own Facebook page.

If you want to include anything from The Saltdean Zone in a post of your own please acknowledge us by copying and pasting the text:

Original author the Saltdean Zone: saltdeanzone.org

A Big Thank You

To Geoffrey and Wiliam Kerr who were instrumental in starting us off with The Saltdean Zone and to everybody who has contributed so far, in one way or another.
It is the contributions by you that make The Saltdean Zone what it is, so please keep them coming

Happy Zoning!