A259 Coast Road Traffic Congestion: Update on ‘The BIG PETITION’

Vivian Carrick, Secretary of Peacehaven Focus Group has contacted The Saltdean Zone with an update on ‘THE BIG PETITION’. 




With reference to a recent article in a local regional newspaper  ‘Petitioners call for A259 action’, whereby a number of residents groups including Peacehaven Focus Group, Telscombe Residents Association, Saltdean Residents Association and SAFE Rottingdean have launched  joint petitions to East Sussex County Council (ESCC),  Lewes District Council (LDC) and Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) to carry out a new detailed traffic study of the A259 South Coast Road between Newhaven & Brighton Marina, because they believe the original ESCC study on which LDC based development in their Local Plan from 2015-2030 is flawed and the road is already at full capacity based on 2011 data and does not take into account housing developments since that date from Newhaven to Brighton Marina or any future planned housing developments and therefore the petition calls for any further development to be halted until a traffic study is carried out.


An ESCC spokesman said ‘ However, we do only have limited resources and a detailed study of this nature they suggest, which would be very costly to complete, is not a priority at present’. The geography of this area does present a number of challenges, not least the proximity of the towns and villages mentioned in the petition to the protected countryside of the South Downs National Park, which limits the possibilities for any new infrastructure such as a new road’. ‘Therefore, our approach to tackling congestion is to work to improve existing infrastructure, including increasing capacity at key junctions, and to ensure developers provide suitable bus services, pedestrian and cycle improvements to mitigate the impact of new housing schemes.’ ‘We are also calling for the Department of Transport to support a new dual carriageway north of the existing A27’.


Vivian Carrick, Secretary of Peacehaven Focus Group on behalf of the resident groups stated above, said in response to ESCC comments above ‘ We are not against housing development but is must be with suitable infrastructure.’The reason we have initiated the Big petition is because we believe the data on the traffic study on which LDC planned future housing developments is flawed, ESCC say that ‘due to the proximity of the South Downs National Park to the towns and villages mentioned in the petition limits the possibility for any new infrastructure such as a new road,’ therefore in that case knowing the south coast road is the only way in and out of Peacehaven, Telscombe, and East Saltdean, why did they give information which LDC used to plan proposed housing developments of approximately 900 homes in Peacehaven between 2015-2030′.  ‘The improvements in infrastructure which ESCC state are minor alterations to Sutton Avenue roundabout in Peacehaven and Telscombe Cliffs way junction with the south coast road, pedestrian and cycle improvements, which shall have a miniscule affect to mitigate traffic congestion compared with the planned housing developments. At the moment the bus service serving north peacehaven is poor especially travelling to Newhaven. All these measures will not mitigate the impact of traffic arising from new housing schemes, and it is impractical for many people to travel to work eg trades people or schools by bus. If you are stuck in  traffic queues on A259 coast road you are unable to reach the A27, as mentioned as a solution by ESCC above’.


 In addition to planned developments in Peacehaven are hundreds of houses proposed in Saltdean/Rottingdean/Ovingdean and over 1000 new homes in Newhaven, of which many residents shall use the South Coast Road between Newhaven and Brighton.


Therefore , we call upon residents and commuters to sign ‘THE BIG PETITION’ on line petition for both ESCC and BHCC. Also, paper petitions can also be signed in Peacehaven at Acorn Chiropody & Podiatry Ltd, Coffee Haven, PC Help, Bonnies Newsagents, Dewdrop Inn along the South Coast Road and at many other establishments in Peacehaven.


The above petitions comes at an interesting time as prospective local candidates seek election to East Sussex County Council in elections to be held in early May 2017 and the electorate would like to know if the local candidates support the above petition’s requirements.

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